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Rotterdam | The Netherlands

Five years later: the green Coolsingel in the heart of Rotterdam. Coolsingel is among Rotterdam's most iconic and significant streets. This bustling central boulevard is a hub for pedestrians, cyclists, automobiles, and trams, with impressive buildings lining both sides of the street.


Giving existing trees root growth capacity

The charm and elegance that the nineteenth-century promenade once exuded had faded, and Rotterdam sought to revive it. By capitalizing on the existing greenery and incorporating a modern, high-quality public design, Coolsingel aimed to provide visitors with a warm welcome, day or night, throughout the year.

The project was exceptional in its focus on preserving the existing trees. Much of the area needed to be "opened up," creating an ideal opportunity to enhance the trees' root growth capacity. The ongoing work created an urgent need to improve the living conditions for the trees. The modular TreeParker system was employed, allowing seamless integration of the green initiatives into the existing work.


Launched in 2018, the project has successfully transformed Coolsingel into a lush, green oasis within the vibrant cityscape.

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