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Green cities improve the environment, ensure rich biodiversity and increase air quality by cutting carbon dioxide, increasing oxygen and reducing pollution. They also ensure water storage, dampen noise and help cooling down in warm periods. Mature, functional trees are the most nature-based solution to implement in our cities. 

One integrated system

TreeNovations offers one integrated system to plant trees and feed the soil. The system has the optimal technology combined with a unique soil composition to provide the best circumstances to grow into a mature tree. The soil is the essential basis for good growth. By combining the right raw materials with tailor made fertilization we provide the tree the optimal start. Our structural soil cell system offers the most ideal circumstances for trees to thrive beneath the pavement.  

Trees in hard landscaping

Our system is the latest generation of underground structural soil cell systems for trees in hard landscaping. The TreeParker system provides large volumes of non-compact high quality soil and maximizes the usable space beneath the ground, providing unlimited expansion for unimpeded root growth, while supporting traffic loads at the same time. Key elements of our system are the simple design, easy installation, sustainability, integration of existing and new utilities, variable unit depth, maximum water storage capacity and free void space for soil infill.

We are experts in soil for over 75 years and we have our tree planting systems implemented across Europe and beyond: from the Eiffel Tower to the Pearling Path in Muharraq.

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Experts in urban tree planting

Den Ouden

Experts in soil afforestation

Partnership TreeBuilders & Den Ouden Organic

TreeNovations is a partnership between the companies TreeBuilders and Den Ouden Organic. By combining the strengths of our companies, we can provide our customers with a total package for trees in the hard landscaping. The total package is a combination between the optimal technology and a unique soil composition.

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Sustainable landscapes are essential for our cities to remain liveable and combat urban challenges. Mature, functional trees are the most nature-based urban solution to limit the impacts of climate change in public spaces. Unfortunately, the life expectancy of the average urban tree is only ten years.


TreeBuilders specialises in the best possible growth conditions for urban trees by collaborating closely with local authorities, contractors and landscape architects worldwide. We help increase the life expectancy of urban trees. Only then can we reap the environmental benefits healthy trees have to offer us. Our urban tree planting system allows trees in the urban environment to grow while also providing the best method for sustainable urban water management. By connecting blue, green and grey urban infrastructures we create sustainable urban landscapes and future-proof cities.

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Den Ouden Organic

Den Ouden Group is an international and service-oriented, family company with approx. 300 FTEs, where expertise, sustainability, service and partnership form key pillars. With our 6 divisions we create solutions that contribute to a sustainable living environment. We do this with smart infrastructure, healthy soil and circular, biobased products and services.


Green public spaces contribute to a sustainable living environment. And thereby, to a climate-proof and future-proof country. They benefit our health and wellbeing. They enhance social cohesion. They help reduce crime. They increase real estate prices. But they also ensure better water management and with it, the level of climate resilience of an area, more bio-diversity and cleaner air. Every day, the Den Ouden Group works on innovative solutions that have great environmental impact.

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